Spank Those Bottoms

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    We,ve added this feature for our friends for a couple of reasons. First, we wanted a place where other Bloggers could promote their blog and share content if they wish. Second, we do understand that some of our friends don't have the time it takes to create a blog but may want an outlet where they can share their naughty stories or fantasies and do so anonymously, (if they wish). Uploading images is also an option. We currently have our 'moderate all comments' option turned off so you can be as naughty as you want but please DO NOT hassle others with inappropriate comments, (you know what I mean), and be respectful with your comments and replies or they may be deleted... Just have fun  with it and enjoy...Thanks.

Don't be shy. Be more than story.
Proudly show off those punished bottoms, those bottoms that need to be punished, or those bottoms that you've punished along with a brief description or short story if you wish. Unless otherwise stated, all submissions shall be posted anonymously. Email your submissions to:

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