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Saturday, April 27, 2019

"PunishedBiHusband-Guest Submission Courtesy Of Maria's Paddle"

Content Courtesy And Property Of: "Maria's Paddle"

    My husband's getting better at his animation making skills and is now required to watermark every animation I tell him to make for me as well as every photo that I take of his punished bottom. This was about 5 minutes into a 30 minute paddling I administered to him.

    A well trained husband is a good husband and of course you can't hear him in this animation but I did force him to confess. Maybe in the future I'll send this video in so you can hear for yourself but for now I'll tell you how well he's been trained. My husband's been trained to suck another man's cock, he's been trained to lick and suck another man's balls, he's been trained to look up at another man while sucking his cock, and he's been trained to reply to any question another man may ask him while giving him a blow job. He found it a little tough talking with a mouth full of cock but he's getting the hang of it. My husband's also been trained, (at my discretion), to swallow another man's load. On rare occasions he's also required, (at my discretion), to bend over like a slutty little bottom bitch and take another man's cock up his ass and yes, when another man's slamming against his red bottom he does moan like a little porn girl but he does get the message.

    I've warned my husband, (at my discretion), that not all of his punishment sessions will remain private and that public humiliation may be required as part of his punishment so you other blog owners out there are welcome to share this post. All I ask is that you let me know where you've shared it. I want him to see it and fully understand that I won't hesitate...Thank you, Maria.

    We do have another site together and you're welcome to visit anytime: PunishedBiHusband
I'd like to thank the blog owner for posting this. I may share more in the future.

We here at Spank Those Bottoms thank you for your submission and look forward to more submissions in the future.

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