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Friday, February 15, 2019

"The Spanking Club"

    I've run a couple of communities on G+ for years, ("The Spanking Club" for friends who enjoy a little naughty fun and "The Popcorn Club" for friends who enjoy movies), but due to the pending April 2nd shutdown of G+ I've been searching for another site to recreate these communities. I landed on a site called MeWe which is free and easy to use. It reminds me of FB the way it's formatted where you can create groups rather than communities. I've opened up similar style groups on MeWe and am hoping some of my friends, (including blog owners), out there in 'Blog Land' will join me there. Blog owners are welcome to post content from their blog as well as links back to their blog. I'll leave ya my SFW and NSFW profiles as well as links to these 2 groups below...Thanks guys/girls, hope to see ya. 😎😎😎

NSFW profile:  Mr. Bill
SFW profile:  Mr. Bill's SafeHouse

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