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Friday, November 16, 2018

"The Weekend's Here"

Behave yourselves, or not. 😎😎😎

   Just wanted to say a few words here. 

    To blog owners: I've been a Gplusser for years and own a couple of communities. As a lot of you know, G+ is doing a slow burn shut down which will be complete by next August. I've made a preemptive move by joining another site called MeWe which is uncensored. I may post here a time or 2 but basically I'll be gone for a few days while I build up my profile and work on a semi-private group I started. You're welcome to join me their. I'll leave you my profile link as well as my group link. You're also welcome to join my group and share as much of your blog content as you wish...Thanks guys/girls, hope to see ya. 😎😎😎

Profile Link:  MR. BILL AKA RICK
Group Link:  

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