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Friday, August 10, 2018

"I Need To Be Spanked-Anonymous Selfie Submission"

   'A year ago, my husband convinced me, not without great efforts, to pose nude for a painter friend.
Everything was good. I discovered the excitement that shame produces, that feels with nakedness. And the pleasure of controlled exhibitionism.
The painter practiced BDSM, and one day he started me in spanking. I was dying of curiosity, and very well predisposed towards that new unexpected world.
His domain, excited me strongly.

   I felt pain pain and a kind of addictive and intense humiliation, that still today invades my dreams and my fantasies.

   He knew how to caress my sex, my clitoris. And I used strong words that almost made me cry, but even if you do not believe it, I, a normal, sociable and honest girl, felt a forbidden pleasure, as I never tasted before.
I wanted to satisfy him, kiss his cock, caress him. But he was authoritarian and dominant. I did not allow that easy conventional outlet. It was about me accepting it with the most primitive of myself.
That generated a great uncontrollable desire, which I still fear today.

   He taught me that I am close to pussy. He asked me if my husband did not know how to use me. He taught me to see my own face and my body submitted to the mirror. I think something penetrated my soul, and he dies there, crouched and treacherous, waiting ...'


'And for the dose of humor .... fantasies in the office ...... Only mine? ....(  Bibliographical courtesy of my painter friend)'

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