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Friday, July 20, 2018

“Punished Husband-Selfie Submission”

  Once again I've been punished but this time it was worse, much worse. My wife ordered me to get on my hands and knees and to pull my pants and underwear down. I could tell by the tone of her voice that their would be no negotiating. She then began to paddle me while demanding that I publicly confess to my misdeeds and to apologize. I then told her I was sorry for not behaving myself but that I couldn't publicly confess because it was private and between us. In a stern voice she said 'not anymore'. At that point my paddling became so severe that I had tears in my eyes and I finally relented. So yes, I'm telling you that I haven't been treating her right and I'm sorry for that. As I began to stand up she sternly said to me 'don't you fucking move, I'm not finished with you yet'. She then ordered me to start masturbating. Still on my hands and knees with my red hot sore ass in the air she walked up behind me and told me to keep masturbating while she gathered what she described as 'photo evidence of my misdeeds'. Once she was finished she selected a few and demanded that I publicly submit her photos of my bruised and blistered ass. She warned me that if I refused I would once again suffer the humiliation of being severely paddled into submission and that she would submit them herself.
I can only hope that you'll post my confession and her photos on your blog, that she'll see it, and that she'll be satisfied and consider my punishment complete.

We here at Spank Those Bottoms thank you for your submission. Should you be required to submit more 'Photo evidence' in the future we can either edit into this post or create a new post, (whichever you prefer)....Thanks.

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Maria's Paddle said...

Just how a bad boys ass should look...nice and RED! Remember this the next time you decide to misbehave. I'll blister your whole ass if you don't pay attention to me and you will be posted all over this page. I'm sure their won't be a problem with the owners of this site if I make you put up that many pics. Spank Spank

Rick S said...

You are correct Maria's Paddle. Selfie and punished bottoms are always welcome. If he refuses in the future, you're welcome to submit them yourself...Thank you. 😎😎😎

Alighieri said...

A properly humiliated boy should be spreading his ass cheeks himself so as to expose his little hole.
He would also push his soft pink package behind his closed legs so we can enjoy the depths of his submissiveness.

Maria's Paddle said...

I have my own ways of humiliating him into the 'depths of submission'.