Spank Those Bottoms

Friday, January 12, 2018

"Dani And The Mistress"

  After the Mistress had put Dani through a rather lengthy and demanding foreplay, she decided it was time to demand total submission from Dani before continuing their passionate afternoon. 

  She leaned over and whispered in her ear 'I think you need a good little spanking and I want you to count them for me'. 

Dani, nervous but completely aroused at this point,  obediently replied 'yes ma'am'. 

  Dani had completely submitted herself to the Mistress and hoped her punishment would not only please the Mistress, but would be brief as well.

  After delivering a few very painful smacks to Dani's bottom and hearing Dani's sincere pleas for forgiveness and promises of being a good girl, the Mistress was satisfied and convinced.

  The Mistress and Dani could now spend the rest of the afternoon in total bliss, the ground rules were now established.

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