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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"Anonymous Selfie Submission"

"The déviant spanker!"
(A Short Story)

I think this teen twink has a crush on me. He has now become my lil peeping perv, and today has seen me for what i really am!! His fantastically hot and sensual exhibitionist. So i have started letting him pull his pud out, and shoot hot masturbatorial jizz on my outside window. Still i must personally admit, that it's also becoming very difficult to control my own erotic compulsions. They just keep popping into my head. These thoughts about the both of us simultaneously getting excited. I am finding myself irresistibly drawn to these new found perversive actions! It has also become extremely unique for me to have such an urge. The experience of having a young guy continually disseminating at my window. I have really come to love all of this attention. While letting him enthusiastically jerk off in front of me. His massive ejaculation is of pure joy, and has also given rise for my own insuppressible dildoing. I have been doing it in front of a large floor to ceiling mirror. With the full knowledge of his daily voyeurism. Just thinking of his pumping white hot smoldering fluid makes me hard! The ogling of my entertaining self inflicted butt-fucking has him stroking eagerly. All the while as i am pretending not to notice that firm hard youthfully cock. I can hardly wait for him to show up, and actually see him hiding. oh my g^d i do love it so much!! But at the same time i'm also having some misgivings. Those deliberating reflections continually hound me about what sort of consequences there will be. I mean it is especially flabbergasting as he moans out loudly in sexual pleasure. To obtain his orgasmic bliss by stroking of one's own genitals in public! Knowing all the time that i could possible catch him? It just seems to me, as if he wantingly needs to be caught. Maybe my lambasting of this young lad for secretly masturbating could take it up a notch. This may also be requiring some sort of disciplinary attention. Where i could teach him some principled integrity for me. So i have decided that on our next slap and tickle escapade. I shall grab this lil pubescent squirter as he begins rubbing his penis obscenely. Coming out from my own concealed corner, pulling his jeans and underwear totally down on my secluded back porch. Exposing his naked bottom, and then to begin my precondition discipline. While making it perfectly clear; that this situation is the only way to reinforce my love for him. This could also wind up merely as some kind of kinky foreplay too! Possibly leading both of us into lustful passionate sex. Just the thrill of beating upon that lusciously smooth enticing tushy, and the beautiful whimpering found in chastisement. This alone shall be pleasuring, with every seductive beat. My own salacious reciprocation crying out in the use of a hard leather belt. Begging screams for it to stop as he subconsciously craves for more of my lavish attention. But it will go on painfully again and again ...these new sensuous beginnings on his quivering soft welting flesh.!! ♛

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