Spank Those Bottoms

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Last Night

Last night I was in state of ecstasy 
We road that road so expertly
Last night you had my body behaving 
so intimately 
The way body swayed top your touch 
so precisely 
You enter my body with the force 
of your animal
Eating away all my took away all 
my inhibitions
Like some cannibal
Screams echoed the walls like some 
cry of this mating 
This bound that we now are creating 
In and out your thrust move as my wails
become your song 
"Please!" I scream as you push past 
my thorn
I feel your body straining....I will hear 
the cry of my beast 
"Sing for me!" you yell as you bite my 
flesh in throws of your release.....
Poem Courtesy And Property Of: Shadey Nura