Spank Those Bottoms

Friday, July 3, 2015

"What Rosie Wants"

What Rosie Wants, Rosie Gets

  Oh yes, Rosie knew exactly what she wanted. Dressed for easy access, she couldn't wait for him to get home after spending a very frustrating day masturbating with no satisfaction.

  As soon as he walked through that door, Rosie bent over, raised her nice round bottom nice and high like a cat in heat, and told him what a naughty girl she had been.

  After the first few very painful smacks, and moans of ecstasy, Rosie was finally able to release. She would continue to raise one cheek then the next in hopes of receiving a good hard spanking so she could achieve multiple orgasms. 

  He knew exactly what she wanted and indeed she got it. His Rosie would sleep well that night.

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