Spank Those Bottoms

Friday, July 17, 2015

His Vow

He touched me slowly letting me know this will go 
at his pace

Up and down my legs went his fingers as I almost 
follow in chase

He knows where to drive my desire for just a taste of 
his inner lust

A whine escapes my lips as his hands had me all 
in flushed

As he reaches my hips and waist I move in tandem 
with his touches

Wanting almost begging for more has me in flutters 
and blushes

Finally reaching my breast and gently kisses each 
one as in worship

I lose some control in my madness for more, 
my body moves now with purpose

I must have this man that has given me pleasure 
without so much as sweat on his brow

But he holds me still forces my eyes to meet his 
and gives me his vow

"You are mine from this moment on your body, your love, 
your soul belongs to me."

I feel my tear falling down my eyes and for the first time 
in my life I can finally see

Poem Courtesy And Property Of: Shadey Nura