Spank Those Bottoms

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our Second Night

Time stays still as she calls me over
“She’s going to do it again” I think
Yet there her feet move ever closer
My body trembles, “how crazy was her kink”

“Over my thighs” she softly whisper
As though she’s telling me some secrets
I go to her and I let out a small whimper
She has become my weakness

“It has been some weeks since I touched your bare bottom”
she says
I lets my Mistress feel how I was unraveled
All I thought of was how this experience had blossom
I remembers how I felt last time....all baffled

All thoughts left my mind in wonder
This time I've come wanting what is offered
Often I've thought of the sweet kiss I was given
The need to be in that place has risen

It would happen now...I was so excited
How my heart beat when I was invited
She would become my Mistress this night
Everything about this moment felt right

Finally I was over my Mistress's thigh
My Mistress rubbed my bare bottom
So relaxed I my body revivify 
All my fears were now gone....Forgotten

Poem Courtesy And Property Of: Shadey Nura


SpankThoseBottoms said...

Nice!!! Love it :-)))

Unknown said...

Thank you sweety =)

SpankThoseBottoms said...

My pleasure :-)))

Unknown said...

Great poem Shadey...I love it!!! That animation style looks very familiar Rick ;-)))

SpankThoseBottoms said...

Ha, Shhh... ;-))