Spank Those Bottoms

Monday, May 25, 2015

"Ginger Learns Her Lesson"

"Ginger, I've warned you repeatedly about your tardiness, your chores, and your missed assignments, but apparently you need to learn the hard way. Your stubborn attitude has not only earned you a severe punishment, but now you've also earned your friend Susan a severe punishment as well."

  Miss Henderson then firmly grabbed Ginger's arm, pulled her down over her lap, pulled her panties down, and began to spank Ginger. Oh how she spanked her. Over and over again. Alternating cheeks with each furious swing, which immediately brought tears to Ginger's eyes.

  Ginger was so humiliated with being exposed and punished in full view of her friend Susan, that she screamed, cried, and begged Miss Henderson to stop. Miss Henderson would have none of it. She was furious and had heard this all before. This time she decided it was time to teach Ginger who was the teacher and who was the student, as she continued to spank Ginger's now bright red bottom.

  As Susan stood there shocked and in total disbelief, Miss Henderson turned towards her and said, "Susan, just because you're not in my class, don't think you're getting away with this either. You just stand there and behave yourself girl. You're next." Indeed she did receive a very painful, bare bottom spanking, once Miss Henderson was finished with Ginger.

  Both Ginger and Susan learned a very painful lesson and they found out, very quickly, who was in charge of Miss Henderson's class.

Story And Content Courtesy And Property Of: Mr. Rick

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