Spank Those Bottoms

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Erotic Spanking

He calls it an erotic spanking
As He strikes my bare bottom
My struggle is in vain
As my body reacts to new

As the second strike hits it's
I remember childhood and this
Yet I find myself anticipating for

He pauses...

Not a word is said...

I struggle to understand his
But nothing is said

Feeling the need to scream
He turns my head and says
"Thank you"

Before answering him
He strikes
And strikes
And strikes

Till I am in a mix of agonizing
Pleasure and pain...
In a place filled with nothing
But sensation

Never realizing tears have fallen
My screams reach my ear
I am begging....
I am pleading...
Don't know what I'm asking for..

Then so softly he whispers....
In this place I explode into a passion
I can't ever leave...
Poem Courtesy And Property Of: Shadey Nura


Njord the Vanir said...

Yes B-).!

SpankThoseBottoms said...

Fricking Hot! Thanks for sharing it girl :-)))