Spank Those Bottoms

Saturday, January 9, 2016

"A Good Saturday Spanking"

"Not Ready For Saturday Night"

   Yet once again Jill had not gotten herself ready to go out to dinner with their friends and Bob was furious. Jill had been punished a few times in the past for her non nonchalant attitude but apparently had not learned her lesson. Their friends were due to arrive anytime but Bob was so furious and he thought to himself, fuck it, guests or no guests Jill needed to be severely punished whether they were there or not. He grabbed Jill by the hair on the back of her head, pulled up a chair, dragged Jill down over his lap, lifted her skirt up, and began to spank her. Oh how he spanked her, over and over again. Even though the windows were all shut, Jill's pleas, loud whimpers, and screams could be heard by their guests who were now waiting by the front door and not knowing whether or not to knock.

  By now Jill's bottom was so red and Bob knew she would have a hard time trying to sit down for a dinner date so he decided she had been properly punished and maybe this time she had finally learned her lesson.

  He then ordered Jill to stand up, wipe the tears from her eyes, and go to the front door to greet their guests. She opened the door and humbly apologized for making them wait. She let them know she had been severely punished and that she would never be late again. Even though Jill was extremely embarrassed, she let them know that she was now ready to go out and enjoy the rest of the evening. So they did.

Story And Content Courtesy And Property Of: Mr. Rick

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