Spank Those Bottoms

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Mistress & Her girl

Title, poem, & contents courtesy and property of:  Dark Princess

All she thought about all day
Was the way the Mistress made her ache

Like a child wanting some more of the Mistress's candy
Thinking of her firm touch had her wetting her panty

Biting her lip as she walked closer to the Mistress's door
She remembered the Mistress telling her to always say please when she wanted more

With the softest touch on the Mistress's door she knocked
Thinking what will the Mistress use when she flogged

With nervous laughter she waited patiently at her Mistress's steps
Doubt almost had her questioning her depth

Till she saw her Mistress's beautiful smile
And knew she would walk for miles

To please her new Mistress
Who made everything seem so fearless


Mr. Rick said...

Excellent, love it :-))

Unknown said...

Thank you =)

Unknown said...

Nice!!! This one is Mistress Karen approved also ;-))