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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

" The Story Of Mistress Karen And The Dark Princess"

A Tale Of Petulance
Karen S And Dark Princess

Title, story, and content courtesy and property of: Mr. Rick
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 As we all know, life isn't one long story defined by any one single event, but rather a story containing many chapters. You're about to hear the story of Mistress Karen and The Dark Princess as it took place during one of these chapters.

   On this particular day, The Dark Princess was feeling somewhat petulant for some unknown reason and decided she would do something different. She decided to pay a visit to Karen, who happened to be a close friend from her high school days that she hadn’t seen in many many years. She had heard rumors that during this chapter in her life, her friend Karen, wished to be addressed as ‘Mistress Karen’’. Not fully understanding why, or what she should wear, as she did want to make somewhat of a good impression; she had chosen a nice skirt with a somewhat conservative top and headed over to see her friend from a chapter in her past. As she arrived, little did she know, she was about to spend an afternoon that she would never forget, no matter how many chapters the future held for her.

   Nervous and not knowing what to expect, The Dark Princess was excited and relieved to find her friend Karen had answered the door also dressed nicely, but somewhat conservative. As friends often do, they greeted each other with a warm hug and proceeded to the living room to sit down and reminisce over time spent together from a chapter in their lives. So The Dark Princess said, “So tell me about your life Karen.” And she replied with, “You’ll need to address me as Mistress Karen from now on.” Somewhat taken aback by this, she thought, “Well that's fine, after all, this was her friend.” At this point, Mistress Karen stood up and headed into the kitchen. The Dark Princess asked, “Where are you going?” Mistress Karen replied, “To get us some goodies to snack on.” In a petulant tone of voice The Dark Princess said, “Get me something to drink while you’re out there.” Little did she know, her friend was about to teach her a lesson she would not soon forget.

   Now even though Mistress Karen could feel the Irish heat begin to rise, she politely and calmly, invited The Dark Princess into the kitchen to join her. As The Dark Princess reached over to take her cold drink, Mistress Karen firmly grabbed the hair from the back of The Dark Princess’ head, pulled her close to her body, and forcefully began to kiss her. The Dark Princess tried in vain to back away, but at this point, her struggle was useless. Mistress Karen ended her kiss with a firm bite to the lower lip of The Dark Princess. As The Dark Princess let out a slight yelp, Mistress Karen whispered in her ear and said, “I’m about to teach you a lesson little one.”

   Mistress Karen thought to herself, “Well this is after all my friend, so I’ll slowly but firmly punish her.” Still having a firm grip on the hair of The Dark Princess, Mistress Karen reached over, pulled a chair up next to her, sat down, pulled The Dark Princess over her lap, lifted up her skirt, and pulled her panties down. The Dark Princess yelled out, “You can’t do this, I’m a grown woman!” But before she could say anything more, she let out a yelp, as she felt the first stinging slap of Mistress Karen’s hand against her bare bottom. As she continued to spank The Dark Princess she said, “You’re about to learn girl, that I will not tolerate your petulant
attitude in my house.”

   As Mistress Karen continued to spank The Dark Princess, her bottom reddened more and more. She let out a yelp with every stinging slap to her bottom, and just as she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, a strange feeling came over her that really startled her. She began to feel moist between her thighs and thought “OMG, I hope my friend isn’t noticing this.” Oh yes, Mistress Karen knew. As she felt The Dark Princess’ juices flowing down her leg, she smiled knowing that she was forcing her friend to orgasm; A friend who had always proclaimed to be straight. As her punishment continued, so did her continuing orgasms and her ever reddening bottom. Yet through the slight tearing rolling down her cheeks, strangely she felt at peace and managed a slight smile between the stinging slaps of Mistress Karen’s hand against her sore bottom. Besides learning her lesson, she would never again be confused by her own sexuality. The Dark Princess would forever look back on this afternoon spent with her friend, knowing they would always share a closeness that no one could ever understand.

   Mistress Karen, understanding the expression on The Dark Princess’ face, and knowing she forced several orgasms from her friend, bent over and whispered, “Have you learned your lesson little one?” The Dark Princess replied, “Yes Mistress Karen.” Still having a firm grip to the hair on the back of The Dark Princess’ head, she rose to her feet, pulled The Dark Princess up and close to her. She then kissed a tear on The Dark Princess’ cheek and whispered in her ear, “Next time say please.”

   Did they spend the rest of the afternoon in complete bliss? Sadly my story must end here. We’ll have to use our imagination for that. It is private and a story that can only be shared by ‘Mistress Karen’ and ‘The Dark Princess’.

                                                                              Mr. Rick

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Story And Content Courtesy And Property Of: Mr. Rick


Unknown said...

Very HOT story, Rick!!! Great job!! I love it!!! Mistress Karen approved ;-)

Mr. Rick said...

Thanks Karen :-))) Man I do hate trying to write a story though, it fricking takes forever. I'm glad you approved though...Cool.

Unknown said...

oh my I love it!!! =)

Mr. Rick said...

Thank you Shadey :-)))

Unknown said...

Hi i would like to join your website as a member. Also if you should happen to need a story writer, please let me know. I love writing stories

SpankThoseBottoms said...

Hey Mike Thomas, you're welcome to join our blog and author your stories. We only ask that you stay within the theme of this blog. I would prefer it if you would use 'line breaks' after the first or second paragraph for longer stories. Being a Blogger yourself, you probably already know that I need a gmail address to send you an invite. We have a private email you may send it to: We look forward to your stories, thanks..... :-)