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  Although most content is not considered graphic, this is still an ‘ADULTS ONLY’ blog. If you haven’t reached the age of 18(or over), please , ‘DO NOT’ enter. Once you’ve reached the age of 18 (or legal consent for your area), you’re certainly welcome to come back and visit us.

  Our blog is dedicated to those who enjoy a good bare bottom spanking and to those who enjoy spanking those bottoms. Spanking, in one form or another, has been practiced for ages by more couples and groups than one could ever imagine and is considered a highly erotic foreplay among consenting adults. Like I mentioned, this blog is dedicated to the world of spanking and will include most forms of this practice, from erotic to a stricter discipline.

  A lot of content from our blog falls within google’s TOS guidelines, but some content may not. Therefore we are unable to share some of our content with you that we post on here. You’re always welcome to visit our blog to view all content. You’re also welcome to share any of our posts with your friends, but PLEASE, when sharing to G+, remember to only share content that falls within google’s TOS guidelines. Unfortunately G+ does practice censorship, but there’s still a lot of content that you should be able to safely share. We do try to keep all our links in red so you can easily identify them.

  You’re always welcome to stop by and visit, leave a comment on our blog if you wish, and easily follow our blog by signing in with the G+ friend connect gadget in the left hand column of our blog.

  Thank you, we hope to see you soon and we’ll provide more information here that should help you navigate our blog. Just click on the links below to learn more.

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